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Stone & Wood Floors

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Natural stone flooring is a great addition to any home, provided it is installed correctly and looked after in the right way.

While we supply our range of stone flooring products, we are also happy to provide our clients with comprehensive installation and maintenance advice based on decades of industry leading experience.


Natural stone is an investment that you would expect to last a lifetime and it will. The best results are achieved when the correct installation and maintenance procedures are followed.

There are many craftsmen available who are qualified to complete your work to the highest standard. Over the past 15 years of trading we have come to know of a number of independent experienced stone installers whose contact details we have available should you need them.

Suggested products

We supply a range of good quality adhesives, grouts, sealants and maintenance products. We are confident that they comply with the requirements for fixing and maintaining natural stone. Products that are best suited for your choice of stone will be suggested.


Avoid use of cleaning products containing harsh chemicals that will strip the sealant off the surface of the stone. Just vacuum or use a dry micro-fibre flat head mop as required. Regular washing of the floor is also advised. Our inexpensive cleaning agents may be used for this. We are happy to answer any technical queries you may have as well as being able to offer advice on best method of maintaining the stone.

Based in Maidstone, Kent, we supply and deliver first class wood and stone flooring to homeowners and commercial businesses from throughout the whole of the UK. Many of our recent customers have been from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Oxford, Newcastle, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh.

If you would like any more information about our wood or stone flooring, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and helpful team. They will be more than happy to answer any questions and arrange your free no obligation quotation.

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