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Stone & Wood Floors

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Stone Flooring

Stylish, visually stunning and durable natural flooring that will last a lifetime.

When properly installed, tile and stone materials will last the lifetime of any house and are proven to be the most durable of all flooring options.

This toughness combined with the natural beauty of stone and the incredible array of tile types, colours, patterns, and textures makes tile and stone the materials of choice where quality and character are most important.

Our range of natural stone floors

As one of the UK’s leading natural stone flooring suppliers, we have a comprehensive range of options to choose from, including:

Natural Slate

Natural Slate


Limestone Flooring




Travertine Flooring

Practical and easy to maintain

Natural stone floors will always look spectacular and like wine, will improve with age. You will never need to replace them and they are one of the most practical flooring solutions on the market today.

Except in a kitchen, the choice of stone will be made mainly on aesthetic grounds, and while there are many aspects to consider, two are of overriding importance.

Expert advice

It is imperative that you choose a stone that is appropriate to the context in which it will be laid and a colour and pattern that will not dominate the room. Utilising our extensive experience as one of the leading natural stone floor suppliers in the industry, we will advise you on the most suitable stone flooring for your home and how to perfectly complement the period and location of your property.


Natural Stone Flooring

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